Cleaver & Keg – Mixed Salami & Chorizo

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A mixed box of our Salami and Chorizo Cuts

4 x 45g Chorizo Cuts

4 x 45g Salami Cuts

Rich and spicy 100% lean British pork, perfectly proportioned into pop-it-in-your-mouth pieces. A rye IPA or an amber ale sets the smoky paprika, spices, herbs and chilli-kick off nicely.

Finest quality 100% British pork blended with smoky paprika, spices, herbs and chilli, slowly dried into bite size pieces for snacking and sharing.

Herby little bites of lean air-dried 100% British pork with a touch of fennel. The perfect snack for meat lovers, or to pair with a pint.

These morsels are blended with a subtle mix of fennel seed and spices, it’s traditionally cured and air-dried. Compliment this herby bite with a good pint of pale ale in your hand.

Chorizo Cuts
Pork (155g per 100g Finished product), Seasoning (ground spices (smoked paprika, cayenne, paprika, black pepper, ginger), salt, colour (paprika extract), garlic), Salt (preservative: sodium nitrite). Filled into natural pork casings.

Salami Cuts
Pork (prepared with 153g raw pork per 100g finished product), Salt 1.4% (salt, E250), Red wine 1.4% (SULPHITES), Seasoning 1.4% (dextrose, spices, vegetable powder (red beet), salt, starch, E300 ascorbic acid, spice extracts, E301 sodium ascorbate), Fennel powder 0.5%, Garlic powder 0.12%, Parsley 0.08%. Filled into natural casings.

Allergens see ingredients list in CAPITALS