Cleaver & Keg – Salami Cuts 8x45g

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Herby little bites of lean air-dried 100% British pork with a touch of fennel. The perfect snack for meat lovers, or to pair with a pint.

These morsels are blended with a subtle mix of fennel seed and spices, it’s traditionally cured and air-dried. Compliment this herby bite with a good pint of pale ale in your hand.

Pork (prepared with 153g raw pork per 100g finished product), Salt 1.4% (salt, E250), Red wine 1.4% (SULPHITES), Seasoning 1.4% (dextrose, spices, vegetable powder (red beet), salt, starch, E300 ascorbic acid, spice extracts, E301 sodium ascorbate), Fennel powder 0.5%, Garlic powder 0.12%, Parsley 0.08%. Filled into natural casings.

Allergens see ingredients list in CAPITALS